Sean Bowers is a writer, editor, with a life-long obsession for computers. From learning to read at the age of four playing King’s Quest on his dad’s IBC PC Jr. to pouring over his father’s BASIC and DOS manuals at the age of six, Bowers has been unable to quench his desire to dig deeper and deeper into computers. Gaming was his first passion, whether it was playing Sierra games on the family computer or getting his first console, Bowers has always been enthralled with the ways computers can be utilized to tell stories and teach lessons. Bowers was an early adopter of many computational technologies. And he stayed self-taught along the way.

In the early 2010s, Bowers other passion—writing—took more of front seat, as his first suite of poems was published by Criminal Class Press. As the job market was still feeling the weight of the 2008 recession, Bowers decided to throw all he had at the literary path. He enrolled in college as an English major, with dreams of becoming something akin to Robin Williams’ character in Dead Poets Society. And before the end of his sophomore year, his first collection of poetry, We Were Warriors was published pseudonymously under the name Johnny No Bueno. Being heavily involved in the literary world, this quickly launched Bowers into the spotlight. He went on reading tours, gave readings at universities, and even earned himself a sought-after spot in the prestigious Tin House Writer’s Workshop.

But all of this came to head, as Bowers became more and more disillusioned with both the literary world, as well as academia. It wasn’t but a month or two prior to earning his Bachelor’s degree when he realized he wanted very little to nothing to do with either world. Upon graduating, Bowers launched into social work, thinking his experience in his younger years with homelessness and addiction would prove to be useful to others experiencing the same. But quickly experienced the tragic heavy hand that bureaucracy plays in that world, which only gets in the way of his experience being truly transformative.

So Bowers leaned into his longest lasting passion, technology. By this point, Bowers was using Linux as a daily driver. In his spare time, he had stood up personal cloud servers and was learning development languages for entertainment. So Bowers decided that IT was the only option, and again threw everything he had at getting his foot in the door somewhere that would satiate his thirst for learning technology and possibly give him a place to grow.

Bowers has since earned his CompTIA A+ and Security+ certifications. He spend a great deal of his time playing around in his virtual Active Directory homelab, learning PowerShell, and studying for his Network+. He is enrolled in the Fall 2023 semester at PCC to begin the PSU Grad Prep Program prerequisites to get into PSU’s Masters in Computer Sciences program. He is a passionate and dedicated learner and would eagerly spend the rest of his life at a Linux terminal emulator, if he was so allowed to do. He is still seeking a home in IT.