Still terminal after all these years

What I Use

Software of Choice Arch Linux This is the first in a series in which I want to highlight the software that I use on a regular basis. I have found some of my favorite software while reading other people’s similar blogs or articles. So I figured I would count myself among the many and return the favor. While I believe Linux to be the only rational operating system of choice (This is a joke…ish), I do find people’s choice of Linux distro to be of interest.…
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Web of Old

I am one of those people that long for the internet of old. Simple, “bad design,” pure HTML, .gif playground. I love it! According to modern standards, this would be considered bad design. But these graphics had imagination. Individuality. People made websites and graphics from scratch before we understood the technology. Now that we have the technology, our sites are bland, white washed, cookie cutter cutouts of every other boring site.…
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Nextcloud Woes

So a number of years back, I realized that Google took up way too much of the cloud-based digital real estate in my life and the lives of everybody around me. Now, I feel that I have to stress that I am not anti-Google. While I loathe a number of business and tech practices of Google, as well as their parent company Alphabet, I must admit that they have made extraordinary progress in tech since their advent as a goofy-named search engine.…
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