Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables

While I have never been a diehard Dead Kennedys fan, I have always loved their use of linguistic cacophony, hence the title. Basically, I have been building and rebuilding, building and rebuilding this website for quite sometime now. I am using Hugo for ease of use, as opposed to writing HTML, CSS, and JS for every single post. I can just tell Hugo to spin me up a markdown file, where I write my text, load it with links and images if need be, and then ask it to build HTML and CSS from my markdown given the predefined parameters. And I didn’t want to spend time designing everything, as that puts me in a perpetual state Option Freeze. So I installed a predefined theme, and then tinker with it when need be.

If you are unfamiliar with Hugo, or static site generators in general, I highly suggest it. It gives you as much control as you want, and automates the rest, without being married to WordPress or Square Space or the like. Also, if you have a static website, meaning no constantly changing elements depending on who is looking at it, then you can host it for free on Github or Gitlab, and then deploy it for free via Netlify. So just for the cost of domain, and the time to spin up a Hugo site instance, download a theme, with minimal amount of tinkering, you can have your own website up and running in a matter of minutes.

So this is the final take on this. I am finally giving the old site a nice minimal makeover, taking down all the old, and somewhat contentious, articles. Here is a nice clean slate for me to document my ongoing journey of becoming a self-taught IT professional, Linux whiz, and cybersecurity expert (all in the making). I hope you find this site informative and fun. And I hope to meet some of you in the future.